Olivia Sala


origin: Greek 

"to put together with the help of light"

I'm not sure when botanical photography started to be my thing. I think it was a long and winding journey. 

I grew up in a house with a big backyard where I would watch my mom tend the garden. There are (too many) photos of me doing fashion shows in front of the huge blue hydrangeas and I remember the daffodils would blanket the grass come spring. 

Both of my grandmothers loved gardening. Grandma Amelia even took botanical trips around the world and knew all the latin names of the plants she encountered.

While I've done many different types of photography, plants have a hold on me I can't quite shake. 

The shapes, patterns, the colors.

It's like discovering a little bit of unseen magic.

If it photosynthesizes, I photograph it.

I currently shoot on film. Let's connect!